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acdelco auto component brand launches vrla battery for protection against outage

by:VELA Battery     2020-03-11
ACDelco, India, a division of General Motors Technology Centre India Private Limited, after selling auto parts of various models/brands in India, with the launch of the new series of VRLA batteries, the Department expanded its products.
Based on the verified AGM (
Absorbing glass mat)
Technology, VRLA or valve regulating lead-
Acid batteries provide protection for industrial, commercial or commercial organizations, large and small, to prevent interruptions caused by power outages.
In fact, with ACDelco\'s products recognized as \"the best-wearing battery in the industry,\" the company believes the new VRLA series will be widely adopted nationwide.
As the perfect solution to provide immediate and important protection for virtually occurring power failures across the country, ACDelco\'s VRLA rechargeable battery is specifically designed to provide high-speed power capacity in a short period of timeterm durations.
This feature alone makes VRLA batteries generally attractive in a wide range of applications and systems.
In addition to providing auxiliary power supply to maintain uninterrupted functions of electronic and telecom devices, VRLA batteries also support the provision of emergency lighting, protection of safety systems and signal failures, while supporting DC power supplies.
They are also available for all types of UPS and EPS applications.
Commenting on the release of VRLA batteries, Rajesh Nangia said, \"ACDelco is one of the most well-known battery brands in India, especially in the automotive industry, and the quality and operational performance of its products are recognized.
The launch of the ACDelco series for VRLA batteries clearly means organizations of all sizes will be able to get a product that will provide power.
To protect the organization from the inconvenience caused by downtime, we need to upgrade.
\"In addition to the fact that ACDelco is a recognized premium brand, as a comprehensive supplier of batteries, the company has established a network of battery experts nationwide, which means that from day one, there is the right infrastructure to support the distribution and service of products, \"he added.
The ACDelco agm vrla battery is in a fully sealed structure, and almost all batteries are \"reorganized.
This means that oxygen and hydrogen are reassembled inside the battery to produce water, thus preventing water loss through electrolysis.
The efficiency of the restructuring process is typically 99%.
AGM batteries are also leak-proof because they do not overflow the electrolyte even if they are inverted.
Again, they are maintained free of charge as there is clearly no need to add water on a regular basis.
The VRLAs incorporated into the pressure release valve are free of corrosion and have low gas emissions (
Unless overcharged)
, Provides good cycle and static performance, while providing the same good high-speed discharge.
They also show very low self.
Discharge, typically 1% to 3% per month, means they have a longer shelf life compared to standard batteries.
In addition, due to the tight packaging of the plates in the AGM battery and the firm installation, their strong construction means that they are not susceptible to shock or vibration.
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