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Advantages of Owning a Green Car

by:VELA Battery     2020-04-07
One of the most controversial topics in today's automotive industry is the green car. Although the green car industry is still in its fledgling stages, there are many advantages to investing in a green vehicle, from the economic to the environmental. Here are a few of the highlights in the green car debate. Green cars are, by nature, more friendly to nature than regular fuel guzzlers. Electric or hybrid motors give off fewer harmful emissions than petrol-powered motors and cause less damage to the atmosphere. Additionally, green vehicles use less of the earth's rapidly diminishing fossil fuels. There are two types of green, 'save the planet' green and 'save the pocketbook' green. Most of these cars hit both of these marks at once, saving hard-earned cash while saving the world at the same time. Fuel savings are hard to estimate because of the huge differences in driving habits, fuel costs, and electricity costs, but many experts estimate that green vehicle owners spend from five to ten times less on fuel. Even though they still have to plug in at night, which usually causes a spike in their electric bill, electricity is much cheaper than fuel in most places. Green cars, especially hybrid cars, are flexible and can be used as needed. Hybrid cars can stay in electric mode for short drives, allowing their owners to get to work and back without using a single drop of petrol. This can save huge amounts of money over the long term. Then, when they are needed for longer trips, hybrid green cars can be immediately switched into petrol mode and easily undertake a cross country outing. The owner has complete control over the way the hybrid car is driven. These cars are not limited to short distances, and they are also not limited to perpetual pollution of the planet. They can drive on pure, electric-only mode when possible and still get all the benefits of a regular car when necessary. Another huge benefit to green cars is the reduction in road and fuel taxes their owners are able to enjoy. Most road taxes are set according to the type of fuel the car uses as well as the amount of emissions it releases into the atmosphere. Most green autos have low enough emissions levels that they are exempted from road taxes. Also, because they use less fuel, their fuel tax level is greatly reduced.
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