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agm car battery satisfying for vehicle

agm car battery satisfying for vehicle

Agm car battery satisfying for vehicle

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150 PCS
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cartons &pallet,or depend on customer
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about 30 days
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1000000 per Month
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Product Details
With a focus on details, VELA Industrial Battery strives to create high-quality motorcycle batteries.VELA Industrial Battery has the ability to meet different needs. motorcycle batteries is available in multiple types and specifications. The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable.
Company Advantages
1. The raw materials of VELA agm car battery are made full use by our professional workers.
2. The product is less likely to leak. It is finely sealed with good materials which effectively hide its electrolyte inside.
3. The implementation of best industry practices give VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. a competitive edge.

Start-stop battery is used for the automotive with start-stop system. Start-stop battery are more commonly used in European and American countries. More and more developing countries are also starting to use automobile with start-stop systems.


agm car battery satisfying for vehicle-1
• High acid resistance
• Less internal resistance
• Extend the life of lead-acid batteries
• Good deep discharge performance, allowing frequent high current discharge in a short time
• The highest cold start ampere (CCA) enables the engine to start even in extreme weather conditions while maintaining comfort and safety features
• Low self discharge rate
• Longer life
• Environmentally friendly

agm car battery satisfying for vehicle-2
• High cranking performance (CCA – Cold Cranking Amps) to suit modern engine starting needs
• Latest lead acid technology to meet the demands of modern market conditions
• Designed and constructed to achieve Heavy Duty outputs in testing market environments
• Maintenance free construction with easy vent plug access for checking electrolyte levels – ensures maximum battery performance and life
• Carry handles to allow for ease of transport
• Can be used for cranking, igniting and lighting
• Low self discharge rate
• Longer life
• Environmentally friendly
product details

agm car battery satisfying for vehicle-3                

Pure lead terminal

agm car battery satisfying for vehicle-4                

Indicator display battery's state of charge

agm car battery satisfying for vehicle-5                

Portable handle

product description

The indicator on cell cover can display the battery’s state of charge. When it displays “Green”, the battery can work normally. When it displays “White”, the battery should charge in time. When it displays “Red”, the battery should be replaced at once.
After long periods of storage (6 months or more) the battery will need to be recharged when the terminal voltage falls below 12.5 V. When recharging, please keep yourself and your colleagues safe by following all the relevant safety recommendations (such as wearing protective glasses).
Checking the terminal voltage
The terminal voltage should be checked six months after the date of manufacture. And if the voltage has dropped below 12.5 V, the battery needs to be recharged to between 12.7 and 12.8 V before being stored further.
Recharging recommendations
If the terminal voltage drops below 12.5 V, the battery must be recharged. The recommended charge current equates to one tenth of the battery’s nominal capacity (e.g. 8 A for a  battery with a nominal capacity of 80 Ah). How long the battery needs to be recharged obviously depends on how it’s going to be used afterwards.
agm car battery satisfying for vehicle-6
1 This type of battery is a liquid lead-acid battery and should be stored in a dry, clean, well-ventilated place at a temperature of 5-25°C. Avoid direct sunlight and at least 2 meters from the heat source.
2 The battery must not be placed upside down or tipped over. And must avoid any mechanical impact and heavy pressure.

Company Features
1. VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leading provider of agm car battery and services that brings value to its clients.
2. VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. has a strong R&D team with strong technical force.
3. Emphasized on best agm battery , auto battery is VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. service principle. Call! car battery price is VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. original service theory, which fully shows its own superiority. Call! The service philosophy of cca car battery in VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. emphasize on start-stop system . Call!
Various cutting-edge machines are used in VELA auto battery manufacturing. They are laser cutting machines, spraying equipment, surface polishing equipment, and CNC processing machine. Its design is in conformity with contemporary tastes
Focusing on ergonomics, the design of VELA start-stop system is human-friendly. It considers people's physical stress point on the feet, the importance of arch support, and the distribution of load. It features simple design and stylish appearance compared to other similar products
There are two kinds of screen color widely used for VELA auto battery. One is the traditional white that has been in use for decades, and the other is a light to medium gray. No burs can be found on the surface of the product thanks to the excellent surface treatment
The manufacturing processes of VELA best agm battery consist of several steps. They are materials cleaning, cutting, molding, extruding, edge processing, surface polishing, etc. The product is delivered in time to ensure customer satisfaction
VELA cca car battery goes through careful and sincere planning. Its design comprises of an ideal blend of art, aesthetics, creativity, and so forth. The product can be used for a long time
The product is eco-friendly. It has been tested and passed the GB/T 1885-2002 Technical Requirements of Ecological Textile. The product is characterized by outstanding compactness that no cracks can be found
This product has the advantage of decompression. It is made of materials with dual density, which can offer a good buffering effect to the feet. Its annual output can be up to 16,390,000 pieces
It has a durable surface. It has finishes that are resistant to attack from chemicals such as bleach, alcohol, acids or alkalis to some extent. All the materials are well selected to meet environmental protection standards
This product can stay dry. It has a superior moisture-wicking ability which can assist the transfer of moisture in vapor or liquid form quickly from the body into the fabric structure. The product is well packed with durable foam and carton to prevent damage
The product is comfortable. It is able to distribute the stress or weight across the feet and decrease the landing impact. Its annual output can be up to 16,390,000 pieces
In customer service, the key to success for VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. is quality- both in our relationships with others and with our product line. It is an attractive option thanks to its diversity of design
Unqualified raw materials for producing auto battery is not allowed to be used. All the materials are well selected to meet environmental protection standards
With its professional workmanship, strong R&D ability and advanced technology, VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. produces high quality cca car battery which wins much reputation. The product does not easily yellow, ensuring a higher gloss level
With the time going by, VELA has gradually develops mature management system. All-around quality assurance services are provided for the product in case of any warranty problems
Professional team are established to help customers to solve the problems when using agm car battery. It is highly appraised by the customers for its exquisite workmanship
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