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Any manufacturers to customize sealed maintenance free battery ?
Targeting different requirements from customers and various applications needs from varied industries, the manufacturers of sealed maintenance free battery are required to have strong capability to customize the products so as to keep them popular and stand out in the market. The customization process is flexible involving several steps from preliminary communication with customers, customized design, to cargo delivery. This not only requires the manufacturers to have innovative R&D strength but also bear the responsible attitude towards work and customers in mind. VELA Battery is one of them which can offer customization service in a fast and highly efficient way.

With many years of efforts on the design and production of atv battery, VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. has become one of the most competitive manufacturers in this industry. VELA Industrial Battery's heavy duty batteries series include multiple types. Design of solar battery improves the quality in forming industry batteries body framework. This high quality product isimpact resistant. Its materials have the flexibility to withstand powerful impact. The product can withstand the torture of the vibration.

Sustainability is embedded in our operational practices. We have made great efforts in energy efficiency and pollution reduction. We also have embedded sustainability in culture.
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