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Battery Chargers For Cars: Match Battery Construction

by:VELA Battery     2020-03-29
There are lots of ways to charge your car's battery. To decide how you want to charge it, you have to figure out whether you want to simply maintain a charge, recharge after a deep discharge, give it a jumpstart, or slowly give it a trickle charge. All these are ways of charging but they all call for a different technique. A simple way of maintaining your charge over time is to get a small solar panel that fits on your car's dashboard and plugs into your cigarette lighter. This will prevent your car battery from slowly discharging over time. Another type of battery charger would be the kind that you see at the service station that has handles and wheels and is brought over to where your car needs to be charged. Another type for cars is really more like an inverter because it plugs into the wall and converts 115 V AC into 12 V DC. To get the right type, it is crucial to know which type of battery construction you are charging and the type of the automobile battery. Without knowing those two things you can destroy your car's battery completely. Different types of car batteries recharge at different rates. AGM batteries recharge very quickly but gel cell batteries recharge slowly. Lead acid batteries are in between. That is the battery construction portion of the equation. You must know what the construction is before you can buy the right type of battery charger to suit it. Battery chargers need to have multistage capabilities so that they can charge a deeply discharged battery quickly and then switch to a slower recharge rate once the battery gets partially charged. Lastly, they need to switch to a trickle charge for the last portion of the charge. The rate at which battery chargers work needs to be matched with the construction of your car battery. So dig out the user manual on your car and figure out what type of car battery you have so you will know what type of charger you need. Once you know that, look at the types of battery chargers available to you to figure out which one best matches your battery's construction. Then figure out whether or not the battery charger needs to be continuously attached to your battery (trickle charging) or whether or not you will disconnect it once you have finished the charging.
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