VELA Motorbike Battery, Vehicle Battery & Industrial Battery 

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Business type of VELA Battery
VELA Battery is not just a factory. We are doing foreign trade business while expanding the business domestically. To ensure the product supply and product quality, we have established long-run cooperation with many upstream companies and third party institutions. To develop the business at a world level, we have built stable partnerships with several distributors at home and abroad. We are always ready to serve clients anywhere, anytime and we are looking forward to receiving you!

VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. was founded many years ago and is a manufacturing company headquartered in China. We are good at designing and producing 6 volt motorcycle battery. VELA Industrial Battery's gel motorcycle battery series include multiple types. The physical structure of agm battery is pretty unique with car battery cost. Thanks to the high-porosity battery diaphragm, it has a reduced impedance. The product has been well recognized with an integrated sales network in the domestic market. The electrolyte of the product doesn't have the risks of spillage and evaporation due to corrosion.

During our operation, we ensure our impacts on the environment is minimized. We strive to continually advance manufacturing technologies and methodologies to improve our production efficiency.
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