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by:VELA Battery     2020-04-05
Beginning with today, we will do reviews of important car-related products because we're certain that some of you are looking at finding out which batteries are good, what tires to purchase, together with details about oil, roof boxes, luggage carriers as well as various other accessories. For the first article we though to speak about one of the most key components of the car - battery. If you were wondering just how much do car batteries cost, this will depend on a few factors which we'll talk about later. Let's be honest, these days people don't pay much attention when they need to replace the battery of the car and usually they're buying the least expensive one possible. However, situations are not that simple as there are a few aspects that must be taken into account when choosing a brand new battery. In the following paragraphs we're going to do just that, talk about what you must keep in mind when you're out searching for a brand new one. Let's start by giving a good example of an excellent battery that you can find on Amazon, the Optima Batteries 8002-002 34 RedTop Starting Battery What To Look For? If you don't want to buy the first you discover, take a closer take a look at some key elements that determine if a battery is either good or bad: • Size • Brand • Reserve capacity • Cold-cranking amps • Age (in the event you purchase a used one) Which Size Will I Need? Size (group size) refers to the height, width and entire car battery and you ought to know that they are available in various group sizes. Needless to say, battery must fit snugly & secure so ensure that you do a little bit of reading of the car's manual to find out precisely what you have to buy. Purchasing the wrong one not simply will lead you to waste money but additionally it might damage the vehicle. You might want to take a look at a car battery size chart to ensure that you'll be sure which do you need for the vehicle. For instance, this Optima battery measures 10' x 6 7/8' x 7 13/16' so verify if it is ideal for the thing you need. Choosing The Right Brand So far as brand is concerned, you need to know that a number of them have a similar name because the manufacturer. The best choice would be to get the one specified by the dog owner manual, however, if the one they recommend is dear, follow the specifications and choose from one of the many car batteries for sale that won't be a financial burden. An example for an excellent battery would be the aforementioned Optima Batteries 8002-002 34 RedTop Starting Battery. Reserve Capacity Now, when learning how to replace a car battery, you'll have to take into account its reserve capacity (RC). This refers to the 'standing power' from the battery and it is actually the amount of minutes that it's in a position to continuously supply the minimum voltage required to keep the car going before alternator or even the car's fan belt fail. Obviously, the higher the reserve capacity, the better. This Optima unit we've mentioned includes a reserve capacity of 100 minutes that is pretty good, but ensure that you check (once more) the owner's manual to determine what it says there. Cold-cranking amps. What Are Those? The cold-cranking amps (also called CCA) appraise the ability of the battery to fire in the car when the weather outside is very cold. If you didn't know, when it's freezing outside, the car encounters some difficulties when you wish to start it because of the fact that the engine's oil thickens and also due to the chemical reactions that are going on there. You should buy a battery that has a high CCA rating, particularly if you are living in a cold climate. The Optima Batteries 8002-002 34 RedTop Starting Battery you'll find on Amazon has a 800 Cold Cranking Amps rating which means that it can support 800 amps for 30 seconds at a 0 degree temperature. Chronological age of The Battery This is an easy one. Most of the batteries start with two characters: a letter along with a digit. The letter indicates the month so if you have A, it means that the car was made in January; B is for February; C for March and so on. The digit represents the year: 9 for 1999, 0 for 2000, 1 for 2001, etc. Just how much, Must I Buy one? Well, this will depend on which you'll need and just how much you really can afford. Do a little little bit of searching and you'll certainly find attractive car battery deals. For instance, the Optima Batteries 8002-002 34 RedTop Starting Battery we've mentioned costs $149.92 if you choose to buy it from Amazon. At the moment you'll benefit from a price reduction of 18% meaning you will save $33.07. Will I Obtain a Warranty? Of course you need to do, this Optima battery includes Twelve months (free replacement) warranty. Feedback We've been reading a few of the reviews for this model on Amazon and that we were amazed to discover that most from the ratings were favorable. One guy was stating that in 1985 he purchased a completely new Ford F-150 truck and two years later he changed the battery by having an Optima RedTop unit. He posted a comment last year and up for now he'd driven the vehicle for 582,000 miles, without changing battery! It Can't Be Perfect. Or Is It? Well, there are some negative car battery ratings for this one but absolutely nothing to be concerned of. Someone was saying that his battery won't hold electric power charge but eventually he got a free replacement and all works great now. Where To Get It? Well, if you wish to reduce your cost, get it from Amazon. Lots of people who posted an automobile battery overview of this model asserted they got it for $30-40 less than what was available at that time at many other retailers. Reading More Reviews From the Optima Batteries 8002-002 34 RedTop Starting Battery If you wish to see the other people have to say of this battery, click the link to check their reviews.
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