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Car batteries can be used long without change?

by:VELA Battery     2020-03-13
General car battery normal life in two years. That is to say, car battery can two years or so there is no change. If proper care can extend, best can use 4 years or so. Car battery without electricity sign: car after two days is not easy to start, the open air conditioning when driving the car became heavy and so on. Car battery use note: 1, start the car when the startup time should not be longer than three to five seconds, restart time interval is not less than 10 seconds. 2, often short driving of car, starting and stopping, will cause the battery is in a state of lack of charging for a long time, shorten service life. At a steady speed driving on the highway 20? 30 minutes, for charging the battery full time. 3, daily driving, before leaving the vehicle, check to make sure that all lights and other appliances ( Such as radio, CD) Has been closed. Because it may run out of battery. 4, if the battery runs out, need to lend fire ( 跳- - - - - - Starting, also calls the moc) To start, should immediately at a constant speed as far as possible ( Such as highway speed) At least 20 driving? 30 minutes, for the battery fully charge. 5, completely discharge the battery cases, this may also can't start the car. At this moment, need to use a special battery charger to slow. 6, if the car is not in use for a long, full charge should be on the car. Generally two years after each use, the battery has to be replaced. At ordinary times should pay attention to check whether the height of the battery electrolyte. Can add distilled water or the battery while the insufficient supplement fluid, not more than the height of the battery calibration instructions. This check at least once every two months. Also, check the battery terminal point for rust or not clean, the oxide increases the resistance of the connection parts, increased power consumption, waste of battery energy. Now used by most of the new models and maintenance-free battery, will not appear the phenomenon of insufficient electrolyte, life in general is in about two years. Note: after starting the engine work best at ordinary times, and then open the lights, radios and other electrical equipment. Before parking, close to the power consumption of electrical equipment to shut down the engine. If it is found that the car won't start for the first time, do not rush to start the second and third. Because it will only accelerate the consumption of electricity. Cannot be started in the first time, it is better to wait 30 seconds, and then to the second launch attempt. Car starts successfully don't speeding, but to give the vehicle a preheating time, so the vehicle is not easy to wear and can improve fuel economy. General to vehicle water temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius at least start moving again.
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