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Car Battery Electrical Problem

by:VELA Battery     2020-03-31
Do you have problems with starting your car? You're turning the key but nothing happens, the engine won't even move? Then you are dealing with a car battery problem. What should you do? You ask anyone to give you a jump start. Or, for those who have one, you can connect the battery to some charger and power up until it's enough power to start the engine. The next day you have the same problem. The battery is drained and the engine won't even bunch. Conclusion: you're facing an electrical problem. The key reason why your car wouldn't start: you may have left the stationary lights on or other accessories switched on, which will result in a definite battery drain. Lights or accessories like the audio system are powered up by the battery. Another reason could be the battery that doesn't charge while the vehicle is on the move (you may have a charging problem; in that situation you should look into the alternator too). There may also be a parasite electrical drain in the key off mode. This might occur because of a relay still sticking, or of a module that is not shut down or of a busted diode within the alternator. And the worse case scenario: the car battery is old and can't charge properly anymore, whereby it ought to be replaced. Therefore the very first thing you need to check is the battery, then take a look at the alternator. The obvious way to do this would be to turn on the headlights. When they switch on without any problems and also the lights are good I don't really think there's a problem with the battery; the problem might be caused by a bad starter or a bad relay, a faulty wiring connection between the starter and also the solenoid. On the other hand, if the headlights aren't working at all or they emit a weak light, then you need to check the battery voltage and also the output. For doing this, a voltmeter is needed. You'll need to set the scale to 12-20 volt and connect the voltmeter to the battery red at positive, black at negative. If the reading is below 12.6 then your battery is low. The next step is to check the charging system. This requires the car to start, so try starting the car and connect the voltmeter towards the battery again. The strain while charged ought to be between 13.5 - 14.5 volts, if it's below these values, the issue is shifted to the alternator, since it's not developing enough current to charge battery accordingly. In this case, you should visit a mechanic to test the alternator putout. If the results are unsatisfactory the alternator must be changed. Following the idea that battery is totally charged, you should see if it is able to contain the charge. This can be tested with a battery power tester or perhaps a load tester. The tester can show you if the battery is good or bad. If the battery fails the load test of computer, it needs to be replaced. Remember, battery may be the electrical heart is of the car, and really should be sustained all the time, that is if you would like your car to start.
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