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Car Battery Myths and Misconceptions

by:VELA Battery     2020-04-06
Do I need to service my battery? Yes. During a service, it should be cleaned, have their terminals checked and the alternator rate checked. Do they last longer in hot climates than cold? NO. Heat increases water loss in batteries and so the battery life in hot climates is usually a third shorter than in cold climates. I work away and so my car goes for weeks at a time without being driven. Can this flatten my battery? YES. Unless you plug in into a maintenance charger it will fully discharge. This is because the electrical appliances and systems in your vehicle drain a tiny amount of power from your car battery to remain active. For instance when you turn your vehicle on, your clock remains in time etc. From the previous answer, should I disconnect it if I'm working away or going on holidays? NO. Disconnecting it will affect the cars electrical systems. If this power supply is interrupted it can cause vehicle operation issues including engine, steering, and transmission. When fully charged it should last several weeks without effecting the operation of the vehicle. If I forget to turn my lights off and flatten my battery, a forty minute drive should recharge it. NO. However this does depend on how long your lights were left on for. There are a variety of factors that can influence the recharge capabilities. These can include: -Alternator power -Size -Alternator power diversion -Temperature When a flat battery needs recharging, the correct way of recharging would be through the use of a multi-stage battery charger. The voltage needs to be high enough to mix the battery acid evenly in the electrolyte otherwise stratification will occur. I accidentally flattened by battery a few months ago and now it has to be jump started every few weeks. Shouldn't it be replaced under warranty? No. When flat, it needs to be recharged on an appropriate charger as no amount of driving will recharge a flattened battery to a reliable level. Recharging your battery on an appropriate charger should restore the battery condition and prevent the need for further jump starting. I took my car in for a service and the mechanic said the battery needs replacing. I bought a new battery from them. The old battery is under warranty. Can I claim a refund for the battery cost? NO. To have a battery covered under warranty, you must call your manufacturer and have them come out and test the battery, if you remove it from the car your warranty is void. To save money, I purchased a battery and replaced it with the old one myself. Now the car won't idle, is this due to my DIY job? YES. Car batteries require a power source at all times. By disconnecting power from the battery, the computer which controls the idle speed can lose its memory and needs to be reset by your mechanic. Can a flat battery affect my fuel consumption? YES. When a battery is flat, the alternator will try and recharge it, putting added pressure on the engine. The battery light has come on, the battery must be faulty. NO. In fact it means the opposite. When the battery light indicates the car is running on battery power alone and there is a problem with the vehicle charging system.
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