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Car battery replacement technique

by:VELA Battery     2020-03-13
Do you know or not know knowledge of batteries in the battery maintenance share link, varta experts popularized the to us about some knowledge of the battery and usually use process should pay attention to matters. Battery does not actually use to maintenance, need to develop some good habits of car. 1, the battery used for more than two years to check general car battery service life is 2 - 3 years, new original battery can use more than 3 years. So if your battery if you already use for almost two years, to note that the service life of it may have expired. Should always check at this moment, ahead of time inspection, found the problem as soon as possible to solve or replace, avoid to use in the process of storage battery suddenly 'PaWo' losses. 2, after replace the battery needs to pay attention to? New battery there may be a shortage of electricity, including the new car factory original battery, are likely to power is not 100%. So after replace the new battery, or buy a new car, need to keep the engine running time longer, to ensure that the battery fully charged. 3, long time not to open the battery vehicles have any damage? Due to the battery to self-discharge, if vehicles for a long time not likely to lead to battery power consumption of the light, eventually launch vehicle or damage to the battery. If a car for a long time need not, also had better keep the restart once every 15 day, and let the engine run for 20 minutes or so every time, let the battery fully charged again. Low car these bad habits will damage the battery though generally can achieve 2 - car battery service life 3 years, but some owners due to the usual car some bad habits can lead to early damage to the battery, and had to be replaced, so we usually also must form a good habit of car. Here are some of the more common car bad habits: 1, get off after forgot to turn off the lights or parked car electrical equipment before forget to close the headlight is one of the most common, also has caused many car owners to battery power run out of the next day, car won't start. But with the optimization of the automobile products, a stalled after the headlight if not there will be a voice prompt, or some vehicles within half a minute after stall will automatically headlight, so forget to close the headlight is reduced damage to battery. But, in addition to lamps and other lighting such as reading lamp inside the car or other vehicle electrical equipment if forget to turn off after flameout, might cause the battery after a night of depth kui electricity can't start the car. In this case if there are conditions can try for battery charging, until you can start the car. Or you may need to replace the battery. Instead of spending a lot of money to replace batteries, form a good habit is not as good as usual. 2, vehicle flameout none before air conditioning a lot of people, including the vehicles are not used to turn off the air conditioner before stall; In the next boot, and at the same time open air conditioning will be as car started. But experts say this kind of undesirable habit varta also can produce damage to battery. If there are no close air conditioning before stall, in the next time you start the vehicle air conditioning automatically as the engine start, start, instantaneous power is too high, which can lead to vehicle battery load is too large, repeatedly for a long time of storage battery is a kind of loss. Before shut down, so we should try to will the car will shut the electric equipment such as air conditioning, the radio is shut down, so the next time the vehicle is started will not lead to instant battery load is too large, so as to protect the storage battery. Electrical equipment is widely used in 3 cases, no car, once there is a friend by the tire on the way, in the process of changing spare tire his friend in the car while leisurely listening to songs open air conditioning. Wait until the spare tire change, to find the vehicle may not be able to start. The reason is because the car air conditioning and audio equipment will run out of battery power all. Finally had to call trailer. A lot of people in the parking lot or the side of the road when friends, often while listening to the song, etc. But in order to save oil, tend to put out the engine, the av equipment loss is the battery power, is likely to battery power consumption light lead to eventually launch vehicles. Due to the car air conditioning system and audio system is more electrical power consumption equipment, if over time might lead to loss of battery power is not the car; Even if time is not long, so no car often use electrical equipment will also damage the battery, will eventually lead to battery scrap in advance. Battery replacement is not difficult, actually need to use the tools include hex socket, and 'a' word screwdriver ( Different according to different models. ) 。 Low battery anode disassembling sequence has exquisite is when remove the old battery must be in accordance with the 'first open the cathode to dismantle the positive' order, because the body is connected to the battery negative ( Take the iron side) , if to tear open the anode, in the process of disassembly screwdriver body, likely to touch once touch is equivalent to connect the battery is negative directly, may cause short circuit to burn out the battery. So when you remove from the cathode anode ', but when installation, on the other hand, follow the order of 'the positive after negative' first. Low battery replacement process is very simple as long as the tool ready, familiar with relevant considerations, battery replacement is very simple, actually does not belong to any physical labor. At present most of the car battery is located in the engine compartment ( Part of the pure electric vehicles in yixiang) , some outside has a protective shell, some models are directly exposed outside. Below to the scene of the MG5 models, for example, to demonstrate how to change the battery. 1, unscrew the cathode union nut: open the insulation cotton two fixed button, you can see the red and black are negative joint two insulation cover, turn insulation cover can see the lock nut; 2, open the cathode connectors: unscrew separately with the hex socket wrench or negative fastening nut, and then slowly pry open with a screwdriver fastening piece, then you can pull out negative joint; 3, open the positive connection: open the positive connection with the same way; 4, open the lock tight belt: unscrew lock the nut of the belt for fixed accumulator, loose lock tight belt, then remove the battery. When installing a new battery, just follow the steps in contrast to install, but it is important to note that the installation is follows the negative connector is 'the positive after negative' first order, and dismantling the contrary, the principle, is to prevent a short circuit dangerous, ensure safety. Summary of low battery is determine the car can be an important part of a normal boot, but in fact it is not too more, also need not deliberately to maintain it when we are in daily use only need to form a good habit, pay attention to small details. To tear open outfit change is not complicated, but it is important to note when removed is negative joint need to tear open the cathode and anode, when installation, on the other hand, avoid the danger caused by improper operation.
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