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Does VELA Battery provide OEM service?
VELA Battery offers OEM service which makes manufacturing cheaper and more efficient. In China, the OEMs may differ in standards, quality and procedures. Careful consideration must be given. We are now shifting into a service based company from a manufacturing based company. We will offer all round services to you.

VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. has been producing and offering high-quality solar battery for years. Our competence and experience in this industry are well-known. VELA Industrial Battery's conventional battery series include multiple types. Using such design, the goal for agm motorcycle battery is achieved while meeting the requirements on agm motorcycle battery. The substances inside the product are totally environmental-friendly. VELA Industrial Battery has advanced technology to process materials. Besides, we have professional installation team and design team. All this ensures good durability and long service life of gel motorcycle battery.

We strictly embrace sustainable development in our business. We adopt advanced technologies to manufacture our products, minimizing our impacts on the environment.
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