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Dry battery is proved to have great export potential in international markets. It has unique and important features which are hard to duplicate. Through exportation, VELA Battery gains benefits, expanded customer networks and exposure to new ideas and technology.

VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. has earned a great reputation from the market due to the ability and competence in developing and manufacturing best car battery. VELA Industrial Battery's motorcycle batteries series include multiple types. This product is very well coordinated, very light, and has outstanding features for resistance to deformation and long service life. Its aluminum foil plate is designed to be oxidation resistant. VELA Industrial Battery learns foreign advanced technology and introduces sophisticated production equipment. In addition, we have a special inspection department to conduct strict performance tests. All this provides a strong guarantee for high quality and stable performance of gel motorcycle battery.

To protect our environment, we constantly maintain strict environmental and sustainability standards throughout every stage of our manufacturing process.
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