VELA Motorbike Battery, Vehicle Battery & Industrial Battery 

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How about VELA Battery R&D team?
The R&D team of VELA Battery is experienced and professional in the market. Under the highly efficient management, a professional R&D team that is of innovative and dynamic skills always pursues excellent innovation to develop new products. As company rapidly develops, we have attracted more and more talents who are experienced at manufacturing and researching high-quality gel battery .

Drawing extensively on the experience in this industry, VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. is able to offer comprehensive products such as industry batteries. VELA Industrial Battery's dry cell car battery series include multiple types. Taking advantages of best car battery materials, automotive batteries are will performed in best car battery. It has a good recovery ability in deep discharge. The product reaches the requirements of the customers and is popular among customers. Because the battery terminals are made of pure lead, the product has high conductivity.

We strictly embrace sustainable development in our business. We adopt advanced technologies to manufacture our products, minimizing our impacts on the environment.
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