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How are materials used by VELA Battery for producing deep cycle battery ?
VELA Battery is of the opinion that controlling the quality of materials and controlling the quality of finished products are both important. The materials used in deep cycle battery are provided by dependable partners and tested by our professional staffs. During the certification, materials are a factor.

VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional 12 volt dry cell battery manufacturer based in China. We are recognized worldwide as an excellent company. VELA Industrial Battery's motorcycle batteries series include multiple types. This product is distinctive for its unique thinness and strength. Woven tightly, it guarantees extra strength and durability. The substances inside the product are totally environmental-friendly. The product has increasing popularity among customers. With high-performance isolation panels inside, it can prevent the spill.

We are introducing new production lines with low energy consumption and less emission. These environmental-friendly manufacturing facilities can effectively reduce negative environmental impact.
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