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How did VELA Battery design motorcycle batteries ?
The design of motorcycle batteries requires the expertise and decision-making skills of experts in various fields. We have an R&D team to evaluate customers’ needs and foresees the potential problem of the production. We have experienced design team to shape the product through design, determine the production process, and communicate closely with customers to quickly react to any changes on product design. And our highly-skilled production team will ensure the product is produced perfectly in line with the design in full-scale production. Cross-functional teamwork and knowledge sharing are keys to success.

VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a famous manufacturer in China. We provide professional products with rich experience, such as pure lead battery. VELA Industrial Battery's automotive batteries series include multiple types. Unique body framework endows maintenance free motorcycle battery characteristics of atv battery. Adopting high-quality chemical substances, it features good corrosion resistance. This product is not prone to pill, which can turn even the softest bedding into an uncomfortable situation when balls of the fabric start to build up. It doesn't need to add water in use.

We are moving towards a more sustainable future. We mainly focus on reducing production waste, increasing resource productivity, and optimizing material usage.
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