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How many agm battery are produced by VELA Battery per month?
VELA Battery agm battery 's sales volume fluctuate slightly in different seasons. During the busy season, our products enjoy sales growth with superior performance and competitive prices compared to other similar products. For the rest of the time, we have been devoted ourselves in optimizing processes and technologies to expand our production capacity.

VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturing corporations as well as the most promising start-ups in China. Our main product is best car battery. VELA Industrial Battery's gel motorcycle battery series include multiple types. This kind of product with high-quality can effectively eliminate the reflection and reduce the light dispersion at the same time. It has the advantage of superior high current discharge. Being recognized by customers, this product has shown a great and sustainable competitive advantage. The product is characterized by good charging acceptance.

We are aware of the benefits of implementing corporate sustainability. We try our best to eliminate production waste and reduce carbon dioxide emissions during our production stages.
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