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How many years of experience does VELA Battery have in exports?
VELA Battery applied for the exports of traction battery when the domestic sales were huge and the foreign markets were in wait of exploration. Since we were licensed, we have tried every way to exploit overseas and to get access to different countries and regions. We read the standards and requirements of different destinations especially America and Europe, and then we produced products to meet such requirements. All these enabled us to get the local certifications successfully and do the exports smoothly now.

VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of 12 volt dry cell battery. We distinguish ourselves through creativity and innovation based on decades of experience. VELA Industrial Battery's gel motorcycle battery series include multiple types. The design of gel motorcycle battery always conveys atv battery concept. The logo can be printed on the case of the product. The product enjoys more and more reputation due to its useful features. It can be installed in any direction or position.

We embrace sustainable development during our operation. By adopting appropriate technologies to manufacture our products, we are able to prevent and reduce environmental pollution.
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