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how to charge a car battery

by:VELA Battery     2020-02-29
Charging the car battery can be very difficult.
It\'s hard to consume time.
Alternatively, you can follow a simple car battery charging guide so that you can charge the battery at any time.
This is a simple guide;
Here\'s how to charge the battery!
The goal of this guide is to make it as simple and safe as possible for the car battery to be charged, because, as mentioned earlier, charging the car battery can be difficult and dangerous.
Has tried many safe ways to charge the car battery and found that if people follow this correctly it will charge the car battery in an amazing way, unless the battery of the car is broken.
When dealing with charging the car battery, it should be remembered that the battery may explode and other dangers.
Therefore, you should be very careful when charging the battery.
Following this guide will help to avoid accidents when charging the car\'s battery.
Car batteries can be charged safely and quickly.
When and how to charge a car battery: the battery starts to age over time, and the charge becomes weak, causing the engine to start slowly.
Battery start may require a jump, especially when the car is used for short driving or cold weather.
You can simply replace the weak battery with a cheap charger.
People can take care of it in months or even years.
If the dashboard warning light is on, it means that the charging system is faulty.
Because the charge cannot make it work, it must be repaired immediately.
If the battery is recharged, the cover should be removed when charging and a damp rag should be placed at the opening.
If it\'s sealed with a charge-
The indicator light window at the top, should only use the charger if the indicator light is green or black.
If the indicator light is clear or yellow, the battery should be replaced.
The battery should be charged using a trickle charger.
This is a fairly inexpensive device designed to charge the battery at a slower speed.
The trickle charger has a power socket and two wires with crocodile clips.
One has a red jacket and the other has a black or green jacket.
The ignition switch of the car should be turned off.
This must be ensured first, as this is an important step in the first step.
The red clip must be attached to the battery positive pole marked with POS or the other must be connected to the negative pole marked with Neg or-.
People must be very careful not to let the metal clips touch each other or any other metal.
In this case, they may cause a hydrogen explosion from the battery.
This can be dangerous.
When the charger is connected to the battery, the charger should be plugged into the power outlet and turned on.
The charger should run for hours or overnight.
The charger should remain in operation until its meter reading is less than 1 amp.
After that, the battery plug of the charger should be disconnected.
After charging, if the battery has a removable cover, it should be checked with a specific weight meter.
It is a cheap device with a float that represents the electrical energy of the fluid.
If the battery is sealed, it should be tested by starting the engine.
After charging, if the battery is still unable to start the engine, an attempt should be made to start the engine.
If the engine can be started and the charging system indicator light or ammeter shows normal operation, it means that it is not good to replace the battery.
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