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Is VELA battery repurchase rate high?
The clients of industrial battery under VELA are clients who've established long-term partnerships with us. We perfectly fulfill the requirements of each client. We provide convenience for repeat clients.

VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialist in both the design and manufacture of heavy duty batteries with access to and long-standing relationships with the most advanced brands in this industry. VELA Industrial Battery's agm battery series include multiple types. A well designed industry batteries is capable to solar battery. The product can withstand the torture of the vibration. The product has an unmistakable refractive index and Abbe number. Its spectacle lenses have the most suitable raw materials and additives. It features low internal resistance and low power consumption.

We are introducing new production lines with low energy consumption and less emission. These environmental-friendly manufacturing facilities can effectively reduce negative environmental impact.
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