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OPzS Battery and multi-cell blocks

by:VELA Battery     2021-01-21

The OPzS range consists of OPzS cell and multi-cell blocks conforming to DIN and 40744. They are perfect for use in all DC energy provide installations. The batteries have an extended watering interval, and sometimes want topping-up only once a year throughout their working life. The mixture of lead-selenium alloy with tubular plate development makes the Mesa OPzS Battery the longest service life alloy battery on the planet.

OPzS batteries profit from lengthy maintenance intervals and supply the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership amongst flooded lead-acid technologies. The Mesa OPzS battery is a tubular plate deep cycle battery.

OPz Tubular Plate Technology extends Lead-Acid battery service life significantly by offering excellent recovery throughout deep discharge and frequent Partial State of Charge operation. OPzS batteries present maximum effectivity per discharge-cost cycle, and proven reliability in remote, high temperature, and unstable power network installations.

Additionally, the die forged tubular plate design with low antimony offers glorious cycling capabilities and a proven long life beneath float circumstances. The pasted unfavorable flat plate design supplies the proper balance for maximum efficiency. OPzS batteries have a protracted life expectancy, low water consumption and a low self discharge fee making them ideal for photovoltaic purposes. Engineered with an optimized plate design, PowerSafe OPzS batteries function an increased capability exceeding the DIN normal. The strong design of PowerSafe OPzS batteries makes them a perfect match on your software. PowerSafe OPzS batteries function tubular plate expertise that provides wonderful cycling efficiency along with a confirmed lengthy life underneath float voltage situations.

The OPzS Series flooded tubular plate 6-12V multi-cell blocks are one of the longest enduring lead-acid batteries in the marketplace at present. The raised-post “N7” design permits individual intercell connection resistance testing. Engineered with an optimized plate design, PowerSafe(R) OPzS batteries characteristic an increased capability that exceeds the internationally acknowledged DIN normal. As a end result, in applications which require a long service life, tubular plate batteries present one of the best and most dependable energy. Engineered with an optimized plate design, EnerSys PowerSafe OPzS batteries characteristic an elevated capacity exceeding the DIN commonplace.

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