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Proper use and maintenance of battery

by:VELA Battery     2020-03-12
Maintenance-free battery charged can also supplement, charging ways and common battery charging method is essentially the same. 3 - 4 v. Pay attention to using conventional charging method consumes more water, charging current when charging should be slightly smaller ( 5 a) 。 Cannot be quick charge, otherwise, the battery may explode, causing cuts. When maintenance free storage battery hydrometer, shown as a light yellow or red, show that the battery is close to scrap, even if the recharging, service life long. At this time of charging only for emergency expedient. Conditional, available with the free maintenance battery current - Charge the battery by voltage characteristic of charging equipment. The device can ensure adequate electricity, and can avoid overcharge and consume more water. Proper use and maintenance of battery has the following seven points: 1, check the battery on the stent is fixed bolts are tight, installation is firm will damage caused by vehicle vibration shell. And don't put the metal on the battery in case of short circuit. 2, often see so column and the terminal connection is reliable. To prevent the oxidation of the terminal can be smearing vaseline protective agent, etc. 3, do not give direct lighter ( Short circuit test) The method to check battery power that will cause damage to battery. 4, ordinary lead-acid battery should pay attention to add distilled water on a regular basis. Dry lotus battery charged best appropriate before use. For adding water and maintenance-free battery is not can't maintain appropriate view when necessary supplement distilled water helps to prolong the service life. 5, battery cover on the hole should be smooth. When charging, battery produces a large number of bubbles if vent blockage of gas cannot escape when the pressure increases to a certain extent will cause the battery shell burst. 6, around the battery column and cover often have yellowish white paste, it is because of sulfuric acid corrosion on post, line card, fixed frame, etc. The material of the resistance being very high, to keep clear of in time. 7, when need to use two pieces of batteries in series battery capacity equal to the best. Otherwise it will affect the service life of the battery.
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