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The choose and buy motorcycle battery what principle?

by:VELA Battery     2020-03-12
Motorcycle battery is for motorcycle starting, ignition and lighting, also just say motorcycle battery to have a certain capacity ( Provide lighting) , must have certain ability of large current discharge ( Provide starting and ignition used) 。 And capacity is the need of current motorcycle lighting electric equipment and to determine the duration, standards are rated capacity to nominal, general with 20 hourly rate, which at A certain current 20 hours to terminate A discharge voltage of 1. 75 v/single case, the discharge capacity is the nominal capacity, expressed in C units for Ah, motorcycle chosen battery capacity with large current discharge capacity, high current 10 C, actual about 3 ~ 5 C startup current, the motor starting current, how much to calculate capacity, capacity to take two great principles, the large capacity is used by the motorcycle battery capacity, are generally not redundant design, also say need to 6 Ah battery, may choose 7 Ah battery to match, so, sometimes with small size batteries battery to replace the original specification, also is very normal, it is for this reason. Each cell is marked the type and specification. Motorcycle battery model with multifarious now, but the specifications are unified, if the original annotation is 12 v7ah battery, so, as long as the motorcycle battery placed enough space, all of the 12 v7ah any model can be chosen, as long as you can fit this battery. But there are dry charged battery motorcycle, dry charged battery without maintenance and maintenance free storage battery, that is to say the same specifications of the battery, has the points of these three categories, such as 12 v9ah 12 n9 - dry charged battery 4 b, dry charged 12 n9 - free maintenance BS and maintenance-free YB9 - BS, category is different, but the specification is same, so, the battery can be replaced, before replacement, to understand the characteristics of three types: dry charged battery: use before must perfusion liquid electrolyte, must be added in the process of using pure water; Add electrolyte to wait for about 30 minutes after activation, if the electrolyte below the lowest water level line in use, the battery is easy to damage, the battery needs to be maintained, trival, is now gradually eliminated, and is open type, easy to overflow, electrolyte and electrolyte main composition is sulfate, corrosive, so this problem alone, nor popular, but the price is relatively cheap, and hold a long time ( Can buy in advance backup, general aside for more than two years) 。 Dry charged maintenance-free battery: use before must perfusion liquid electrolyte, in use process need not add water; Add electrolyte to wait for about 30 minutes after activation, but add electrolyte is also easy to overflow, but because the European and American markets like to use the battery, so the price is relatively expensive enough, but put aside the same time ( Can buy in advance backup, general aside for more than two years) 。 Maintenance-free battery: use form, it is very convenient, just put on hold time is not long, generally hold three months up to six months to add electricity, or internal plate hardening caused by battery scrap in advance. In a word, choose motorcycle battery principle is: to the same specifications, fixed position should be enough.
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