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The Importance Of Looking After Your Car Battery

by:VELA Battery     2020-04-03
It is suggested that the AA's busiest month is January. After the festive two weeks in December the car tends to be neglected slightly. So here we are, the first week in January over and for many of us it's the first time we've gotten behind the wheel. Of course, the last thing we want to do in the morning before work is check the car over. We don't even want to go to work in January let-alone check the car! However, this simple task of looking it over for 10 minutes: checking the tyres, oil, water and car battery will save you hassle in a couple of days when you break down. Even though your vehicle may have had minimal usage, sat on the drive for a while in the cold will have detrimental affects on the way it runs. The battery will be especially affected by this. It is also thought that not only is January the AA's busiest month but one of their main tasks they deal with is to do with deceased car batteries. Your car battery is something that is often neglected when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. The battery is one of the most important devices as it controls all of the electrics of your vehicle. This is why every time you fail to turn off your car lights, your car refuses to start when you return to it. Despite the battery being inside the car it can still be open to wear and tear. It's vital to actually check the battery, making sure that everything is firmly in place. You should also take this opportunity to have a look at the entire body of the battery, you need to check for cracks and corrosion and if these are visible you will definitely need a new battery. When you're checking your battery you have to have a look at the cables too. These need to be clean and neat. If you need to remove the battery for further cleaning you will have to disconnect the negative cable first. So if you have left the car stationary for a while over the Christmas period, have a think when you will be doing this again? The next time you know you're going to be leaving the car for a while why don't you take the battery out? You can store it in a warm and safe place to ensure that it gets a rest. A sort of battery hibernation if you like. If you've never really thought about looking after car batteries before, now is the time to start to pay attention. Batteries tend to be quite expensive and with the country just stepping out of recession, this will be a purchase gratefully avoided.
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