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The Proper Way To Jump Start A Car

by:VELA Battery     2020-04-03
Do not allow yourself to get stranded on the road again because of a dead car battery. In this article, you can find some helpful tips to learn how to jump start a car. Get started by having somebody pull their vehicle close to yours, pop the hood and then get the jumper cables. Then, check the dead battery to determine if it has a loose connection on the negative or positive side. In that case, tighten up the cables prior to jump starting the vehicle. After that, take the water caps off the dead battery to look at the water level, which needs to be at least mid-way up the port. In any other case, add water in order to refill the ports prior to jumping the battery. You should use a piece of cloth or rag to wipe off the cable connectors in order to get rid of any acid corrosion or build-up. At this point, you can start the car with the good battery. Now, this step will be very important. Grab hold of the jumper cables and then the red clamp (the positive clamp) and then hook this unto the side of the dead battery with the positive sign (+). Then, grab the black jumper cable (the negative clamp) and then hook this onto the side of the dead battery with the negative sign (-). After that, get the red clamp which is on the other section of the jumper cable and then hook this onto the side of the good battery with the positive sign (+). Then, get the black clamp which is on the other section of the jumper cable and then hook this onto the negative sign (-) on the battery. Ensure that the battery cables are arranged properly and also well secured. You also want to verify that all cables are on correct. After that, rev the engine of the others person car just slightly above idle. Then wait around two minutes prior to cranking your car with the dead battery. In case the dead battery clicks, ensure that the cables are secured. If the car begins to start, wait little bit for the good battery to charge-up the dead battery. Finally, take the battery cables off the good battery first, then remove all positive cables and then take the cables off the jumped start battery that is in your car. Shut the hood the car and then put back the jumper cables in the trunk.
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