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VELA start stop car battery widely applied for automobile

VELA start stop car battery widely applied for automobile

VELA start stop car battery widely applied for automobile

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cartons &pallet,or depend on customer
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1000000 per Month
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Product Details
VELA Industrial Battery's industrial battery has excellent performances by virtue of the following excellent details.VELA Industrial Battery insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture industrial battery. Besides, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost in each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable price.
Company Advantages
1. The production of VELA car battery price is strictly controlled and inspected before going into the next stage.
2. The quality of the product stays in line with current regulation and standard.
3. The product has passed through the extremely harsh quality control and inspection on a basis of quality control plan. This plan is strictly carried out to ensure the high quality of the product.
4. With so many advantages, many customers repeat purchases, showing the huge market potential of the product.
5. The good characteristics make the product highly marketable in the global market.

Start-stop battery is used for the automotive with start-stop system. Start-stop battery are more commonly used in European and American countries. More and more developing countries are also starting to use automobile with start-stop systems.


VELA start stop car battery widely applied for automobile-1
• High acid resistance
• Less internal resistance
• Extend the life of lead-acid batteries
• Good deep discharge performance, allowing frequent high current discharge in a short time
• The highest cold start ampere (CCA) enables the engine to start even in extreme weather conditions while maintaining comfort and safety features
• Low self discharge rate
• Longer life
• Environmentally friendly

VELA start stop car battery widely applied for automobile-2
• High cranking performance (CCA – Cold Cranking Amps) to suit modern engine starting needs
• Latest lead acid technology to meet the demands of modern market conditions
• Designed and constructed to achieve Heavy Duty outputs in testing market environments
• Maintenance free construction with easy vent plug access for checking electrolyte levels – ensures maximum battery performance and life
• Carry handles to allow for ease of transport
• Can be used for cranking, igniting and lighting
• Low self discharge rate
• Longer life
• Environmentally friendly
product details

VELA start stop car battery widely applied for automobile-3                

Pure lead terminal

VELA start stop car battery widely applied for automobile-4                

Indicator display battery's state of charge

VELA start stop car battery widely applied for automobile-5                

Portable handle

product description

The indicator on cell cover can display the battery’s state of charge. When it displays “Green”, the battery can work normally. When it displays “White”, the battery should charge in time. When it displays “Red”, the battery should be replaced at once.
After long periods of storage (6 months or more) the battery will need to be recharged when the terminal voltage falls below 12.5 V. When recharging, please keep yourself and your colleagues safe by following all the relevant safety recommendations (such as wearing protective glasses).
Checking the terminal voltage
The terminal voltage should be checked six months after the date of manufacture. And if the voltage has dropped below 12.5 V, the battery needs to be recharged to between 12.7 and 12.8 V before being stored further.
Recharging recommendations
If the terminal voltage drops below 12.5 V, the battery must be recharged. The recommended charge current equates to one tenth of the battery’s nominal capacity (e.g. 8 A for a  battery with a nominal capacity of 80 Ah). How long the battery needs to be recharged obviously depends on how it’s going to be used afterwards.
VELA start stop car battery widely applied for automobile-6
1 This type of battery is a liquid lead-acid battery and should be stored in a dry, clean, well-ventilated place at a temperature of 5-25°C. Avoid direct sunlight and at least 2 meters from the heat source.
2 The battery must not be placed upside down or tipped over. And must avoid any mechanical impact and heavy pressure.

Company Features
1. With the economic developing, VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. also keeps being innovative in the market.
2. VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. has distinct state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and equipment.
3. We strive to build our teams on trust and respect, where every voice is heard and valued because we believe there is power in individuals but great power in teams. Please contact us! VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to focus on improving product quality. Please contact us! We have always believed that true corporate performance does not only mean delivering growth but addressing larger social issues like protection of the environment, education of the underprivileged, improvement of health and sanitation. Please contact us! Through innovation, new standards for car battery price will be created in VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd.. Please contact us!
VELA car battery price has gone through rigorous security standards. It has been certified under China's CCC and CEMC, Canada's CSA, America's UL, and Japan's S-MARK and VCCI. The product is corrosion resistant and anti-aging
Main tests performed are during inspections of VELA start stop car battery. These tests include fatigue testing, wobbly base testing, smell testing, and static loading testing. The product is characterized by easy installation and our engineers can help install it on site
VELA start stop car battery delivers quality craftsmanship that no other brand can match. Created by our in-house design studio, this product comes with an amazing range of prints and patterns. The product is packed by the strong and sturdy cargo
The production of VELA car battery price involves the following major steps. It has to go through stamping, coating, painting, drying, and polishing by respective machines. The product has gained Design Patent Certificate
VELA car battery price is always ensured with good quality. Our factory guarantees a solid foundation for production and can minimize errors during processing. All series of the products are independently developed
The product is characterized by high performance and good durability. It has undergone strict quality inspection before being shipped out
The product is of superior quality that sets a new standard in the industry. It can cool down the substances at a very fast speed
The exceptional performance and good durability keep the product ahead of the competition. The product has passed the CE certification
The product is extremely useful owing to their high quality and long service life. It can help resist the growth of microorganisms and biochemical reactions
Having passed the quality assurance, the product is of high reliability. The product has passed the CE certification
Adopting the advanced testing equipment to inspect the product during the production process guarantees the great performance and consistent quality of the product. The product is corrosion resistant and anti-aging
It will make the room a comfortable venue. Besides, its attractive appearance also adds great decoration effect to the interior. Its exact can be sent to customers for quality check and confirmation
The product will create a pleasing wearing experience. It will not impair the foot from functioning in a natural way while offering enough support and comfort. The product is provided with one-year warranty
People will find that this product is able to provide people with a better grip when they are walking and help them walk easier without burden. Its configuration is reasonable and the insulation performance is superior
The product eases the burden of feet when it comes to feet comfort and fit, and helps reduce the chances of the ankle, tendons, and ligament injuries. It has a unique and good-looking design, which makes it look attractive
This product is ensured to keep people's feet perfectly cushioned when they are walking or running, ensuring the perfect grip - whatever the weather. It has been mainly exported over 150 countries and regions, like South America
With its outstanding durability and reliability, this product is perfectly suitable for high-traffic areas such as offices, hotels, and homes. The product is popular for its good thermal insulation
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