VELA Motorbike Battery, Vehicle Battery & Industrial Battery 

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What about industry position of VELA?
VELA is a brand that has been recognized by customers in the VELA industry. Due to years of industry expertise, it is highly competitive. After-sales service helps to highlight its excellence in the market.

VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a competitive 6 volt motorcycle battery Chinese manufacturer. Our experience and expertise make us stand out in the market. VELA Industrial Battery's industry batteries series include multiple types. Compared with original design, heavy duty batteries has such features of pure lead battery. The product can withstand the corrosion of acid. The product reaches the requirements of the customers and is popular among customers. It has the advantage of superior high current discharge.

We act actively regarding sustainable development. Apart from strict control over the production pollution amount, we also made a plan for the full utilization of resources during production.
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