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What about style of motor vehicle battery by VELA Battery?
VELA Battery has diversified style preferences. And our vehicle battery can be perfectly customized to fit your taste. The product greatly caters to the market fashion trend and adequately reflects the presence of innovative technology and great performance. In strict accordance with similar aesthetic standards, we are proud of our product being accurate in performing the suitable style among the like. Therefore, our customer has no need to worry about the design style.

With appropriate technical education, an element of entrepreneurial spirit and many years of design and manufacture expertise, VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. is currently a leading manufacturer of pure lead battery in China. VELA Industrial Battery's agm battery series include multiple types. Materials used for automotive batteries is periodically renovate to make it own best properties. It has the advantage of superior high current discharge. When night sweats hit, it does not simply absorb moisture and cause annoying temperature changes from too hot to too cold. The most outstanding feature of the product is high output power.

We act sustainably in a few of the ways. We use resources responsibly and reduce waste significantly by utilizing advanced production technologies.
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