VELA Motorbike Battery, Vehicle Battery & Industrial Battery 

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What about the plant size of VELA Battery?
In the vrla battery business in China, the VELA Battery factory is highly competitive. Unique workshop has been established for the different manufacturing processes of the factory. In the future, we will continue to expand the production of the factory and will complete the construction of the entire supply chain in order to be competitive in the global market.

VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated a wide-ranging experience in developing and manufacturing solar battery over the years. We are praised for the ability in this industry. VELA Industrial Battery's motorcycle batteries series include multiple types. maintenance free motorcycle battery fabricate by VELA Industrial Battery is primarily made by atv battery. The important advantages over other products in the market are its thermal and chemical stability. This product features healthy benefits as its fabric is hypoallergenic and does not support the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. The product can withstand the torture of the vibration.

We will achieve a balance between business profit and environment protection. Now, we have made significant progress in reducing waste pollution, including water and waste gas pollution.
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