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What standards are followed during gel cell battery production?
The manufacture of gel cell battery not only conforms to commercial norms, but also operates based on international standards. Strict standard manufacturing processes facilitate the safe operation and strict guarantee of the products. Compared with other manufacturers, VELA Battery puts the quality first, in order to carry out the production process. This guarantees a smooth manufacturing process and efficient business operations from raw material selection to sales of products.

Over the years, VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. has been putting efforts on the R&D, design, and production of maintenance free motorcycle battery. We have been regarded as one of the competitive manufacturers in the industry. VELA Industrial Battery's gel motorcycle battery series include multiple types. The body framework structure of agm battery is optimized with car battery cost design. The product can withstand the corrosion of acid. This product has great competitiveness and thus create huge benefits to our customers. It can be installed in any direction or position.

We make efforts to advance sustainable practices. During our production, we make efforts to reduce production pollution&waste and improve energy efficiency.
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