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Who are main customers to VELA?
There are different customer categories in VELA, not only from domestic, but also foreign markets. Based on brand positioning and assessment, we have different sites to attract customers. Having acquired a complete understanding of the customer's concerns and their different needs, we can accurately analyze their needs and help both parties save energy and time.

VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. has been known for the competence and experience in manufacturing best car battery and can be counted as an expert in this industry. VELA Industrial Battery's agm battery series include multiple types. Its high-quality fabric allows as much air to pass through it as possible to enable the breathability of this product. It can withstand extreme ranges in temperature. VELA Industrial Battery has established a scientific and standardized production process, and has improved the quality control system. The production details are carefully controlled in an all-round way to ensure that agm battery is a high-quality product that meets international standards.

We are aware of the benefits of implementing corporate sustainability. We try our best to eliminate production waste and reduce carbon dioxide emissions during our production stages.
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