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Why motorbike battery is produced by so many manufacturers?
Motorbike battery is a product of great importance to the industry and even the whole manufacturing industry. Its production technology is mature, which means that the cost is comparatively low and the quality is definitely high. This is also the reason why so many purchasers choose it. Additionally, its target application fields are clear, making it easy for producers to position it on the market and reducing the input for producers to explore the market. This also do great favor to the purchasers. Such a win-win situation between manufacturers and purchasers is the solid foundation for its mass production.
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As a industry batteries manufacturer known to the industry, VELA Power Technology Co., Ltd. also surpasses others based on the intimate after-sales service. VELA Industrial Battery has created a number of successful series, and agm battery is one of them. VELA 12v automotive battery undergoes a series of quality tests. They include symmetry check of fabrics, colorfastness, adhesive check (logos, tag, care labeling), stitch damage check, etc. Designed with a sealing structure, it is completely leak-proof and splash-proof. The product is safe. It has been tested for VOC and formaldehyde emission, AZO amount, and heavy metal element. Processed by high-end technology, it can be repeatedly charged and discharged without affecting the performance.
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