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Are gel batteries good for motorcycle?

1. Do you know gel battery? GEL battery, the basic ingredient is gel which made of sulfuric acid, water and silica. Gel batteries are one of the most popular types of batteries that are used in the motorcycle. When you purchase a motorcycle battery, the basic knowledge you should know is about the type. VELA company- we have 4 types of motorcycle battery for your reference. Conventional dry, dry charged MF, wet MF and gel battery. From our experience, we can tell you that the gel battery is more efficient than conventional or wet batteries in many other ways. 2. What is the key point between gel battery and AGM battery? Compared with the AGM battery, the gel battery has the same shell and plate, and both uses dilute sulfuric acid as the electrolyte. The key is that the electrolyte has a different form. The gel battery fixes the dilute sulfuric acid in a porous like gluten. In the gel, the AGM battery adsorbs dilute sulfuric acid in a glass fiber mat like a sponge. In addition, gel batteries use more electrolytes, while AGM batteries use fewer electrolytes. Gel batteries also have a much higher cycle life than the average wet battery. Even though they are commonly put up against AGM batteries, gel cell batteries do tend to be a bit more expensive but are usually worth it due to their efficiency. 3. What are the features of the gel battery? Now that we are familiar with the basics of gel battery, let us take a look at the many features which make it such a popular type of battery for motorcycles. (1)High quality and long cycle life The colloidal electrolyte can form a solid protective layer around the electrode plates to protect the electrode plates from damage and cracking due to vibration or collision, prevent the electrode plates from being corroded, and also reduce the bending and inter-electrode plate bending of the battery during heavy load. The short circuit of the battery will not cause a decrease in capacity and has good physical and chemical protection, which is twice the life of ordinary lead-acid batteries. (2)Safely used and environmentally friendly, the true sense of green energy  The electrolyte of the gel battery is solid, sealed structure, and the gel electrolyte never leaks, so that the specific gravity of each part of the battery is consistent. The special calcium-lead-tin alloy grid is used, which is more resistant to corrosion and has better-charging acceptance. Use ultra-high-strength partitions to avoid short circuits. Imported high-quality safety valve, precise valve control to adjust the pressure. Equipped with a filter acid mist explosion-proof device, which is safer and more reliable. There is no acid mist gas precipitation during use, no electrolyte leakage, no harmful elements to the human body during the production process, non-toxic, non-polluting, and avoiding a large amount of electrolyte leakage and penetration during the use of traditional lead-acid batteries. (3)The performance of the deep discharge cycle is good After the battery is deeply discharged and then recharged in time, the capacity can be 100% recharged, which can meet the needs of high frequency and deep discharge, so its use range is wider than that of lead-acid batteries. (4)Low self-discharge   Gel batteries do not self-discharge a lot. Significantly improved in low-temperature starting ability, charge retention ability, electrolyte retention ability, cycle durability, vibration resistance, and temperature change resistance. Stored at 20℃ room temperature for 2 years, it can be put into operation without charging. (5)Adapts to a wide range of environments (temperatures) It Can be used in the temperature range of -40℃–65℃, especially good low-temperature performance, suitable for northern cold areas. Good aseismatic performance can be used safely in all kinds of harsh environment. It is not limited by space and can be placed in any position when used. 4.Things to Keep in Mind about Gel Cell Batteries As we can see, gel batteries have many merits which explain their popularity among motorcyclists. However, there are some precautions that need to be taken while using gel batteries. These batteries must not be exposed to situations of high amperage. This may cause the gel inside gel batteries to become scarred and can create pockets within the gel. Pockets like these will give way to corrosion, which will, in turn, shorten the lifespan of the gel battery. Gel batteries should also only be trickle-charged, as they are not suitable for fast charging or discharging. In conclusion, there is no doubt that gel batteries are one of the best motorcycle batteries on the market. They have several great qualities that largely outweigh their demerits.