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Traction battery

VELA traction battery can meet the BS and DIN specification. With the tubular positive and pasted negative plate, our traction battery can be used as forklift battery, tow truck battery, power trolley battery, lifting platforms battery and other industrial traction application battery. Because of the good quality, our traction battery have a longer life and is over 1600 cycles and up to 80% discharge depth. It’s the good choice to the customers. And our 24V forklift battery, 36V forklift battery, 48V forklift battery and 80V forklift battery is very popular


our traction battery can used in forklift, tow truck, power trolley,lifting platforms and other industrial traction application.

Fork lift
Tow truck
Power trolley
Lifting platforms
Other industrial traction application

Application Brand

With excellent product performance, it has become the main supplier of high-end foreign brand forklifts, and the supporting industry covers many international famous forklift brands such as Germany, the United States, South Korea, and Japan.

Product advantages

High-End Positioning

More than 80% of imported forklift brands are original vehicles; including: Germany's Jungheinrich, Japan's Lizhiyou, Japan's Mitsubishi, American Colon, American Hyster, South Korea's Doosan, South Korea's Clark, South Korea's Hyundai, etc.

Complete Specifications

The battery specifications produced by Youpei cover more than 100 forklift brands and more than 800 specifications of imported and domestic forklifts, and provide customized services according to customer needs.

Long Warranty

The positive plate is made of high-acid-resistant polyester fiber sleeve and low-antimony multi-corrosion-resistant alloy, and the negative electrode is sealed by a bag-type PE separator, and the quality is stable. 1500 times

Automatic Water Replenishment System

It can be moved to add water at multiple points, and it is easy to add water. It can be connected to the automatic water replenishment system or install an automatic induction water gun to balance the liquid addition and prevent the battery from being damaged due to lack of liquid.

Single Soft Connection

The copper core connecting bar and bolt form a sealed high-conductivity circuit, and the power cord is treated with anti-corrosion insulation, which is easy to maintain; it prevents damage to the single connection due to bumps.

Acid Proof Insulation Box

Acid-proof insulated battery box, the color and size of the box can be customized according to customer needs to ensure the perfect installation of batteries and forklifts.