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CFPS & LFPS battery

CFPS & LFPS (OPzS) battery is the flooded battery with tubular plate,is also known as tubular battery, lead acid battery or deep cycle battery. The users need to maintain and keep the enough electrolyte for the battery to discharge. The positive plate is adopted the tubular plate. It can prevent the active materials from falling off. There is the acid-proof bolt. It is of a special shape of funnel having the function of filtering acid smog and retarding flame. It can measure the density and temperature of electrolyte. Its cycle life is the longest in our VRLA battery. The service life can up to 18 years in the 20℃.

OPzS battery is used in deep cycle application. Nowadays, the range of applications for OPzS batteries is very broad. It is used as solar battery, UPS battery, Wind Power battery, Fire alarm battery, security devices battery, electronic instruments battery, telecommunication equipment battery etc. We have a complete battery model. The range of our OPzS battery is from 20Ah to 3000Ah. And we have 2V battery, 6V battery, 12V battery. Here you can find all the models you need. 


• Long cycle life

• Low self discharge rate

• High porosity

• Good corrosion resistance


our traction battery can used in forklift, tow truck, power trolley,lifting platforms and other industrial traction application.

UPS system
Alarm system
Solar system
Solar and wind systems