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CFPV & LFPV battery

VELA OPzV tubular gel battery deliver high capacity reserve power and deep cycle performance. It is ideal for applications which call for maximum life and maintenance free operation. It have tubular positive plates and a gelled electrolyte making them the highest quality valveregulated battery design available. VELA OPzV battery is maintenance-free operation and long service life, providing excellent reliability even under harsh conditions (high operating temperatures or unstable grids), providing a quality, efficient and economical energy solution.

VELA OPzV battery is used in deep cycle application. Nowadays, the range of applications for OPzV batteries is very broad. It is used as solar battery, UPS battery, Wind Power battery, Fire alarm battery, security devices battery, electronic instruments battery, telecommunication equipment battery etc. We have a complete battery model. The range of our OPzV battery is from 20Ah to 3000Ah. And we have 2V battery, 6V battery, 12V battery. Here you can find all the models you need.


• Long cycle life

• Low self discharge rate

• Low electrical resistance

• Superior wettability

• Maintenance free

• No flow and leakage


our traction battery can used in forklift, tow truck, power trolley,lifting platforms and other industrial traction application.

UPS system
Alarm system
Solar system
Solar and wind systems