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Traction battery

VELA traction battery can meet the BS and DIN specification. With the tubular positive and pasted negative plate, our traction battery can be used as forklift battery, tow truck battery, power trolley battery, lifting platforms battery and other industrial traction application battery. Because of the good quality, our traction battery have a longer life and is over 1600 cycles and up to 80% discharge depth. It’s the good choice to the customers. And our 24V forklift battery, 36V forklift battery, 48V forklift battery and 80V forklift battery is very popular.



• Longer cycle life

• Low water consumption

• Low energy consumption

• Good quality container

• Environmental protection

• Easy to use and durable

• Beautiful design and good quality


our traction battery can used in forklift, tow truck, power trolley,lifting platforms and other industrial traction application.

Fork lift
Tow truck
Power trolley
Lifting platforms
Other industrial traction application