VELA Motorbike Battery, Vehicle Battery & Industrial Battery

Powering the Future with Vela Power

VELA GEL battery uses the sealed gel technology and is designed for high reliable,maintenance-free power for renewable energy applications, depending on the advantage gel technology, optimum grid and plate design, we offer highest power and reliability for your requirement. Gel battery has a tight structure and relative supplies of gelled electrolyte, always has some ions left to conduct charge current resulting in the excellent recovery from deep discharge characteristics. VELA gel battery includes 2V,6V and 12V , we have 3 types, FP type(12V 12Ah- 12V 28AH), LFP type(12V33Ah-12V 250AH) and CFP (2V100AH-2V 3000Ah),with the complete range,  you will find any interesting product. The gel battery has been widely used in our life,  It can used as Water pumping, wind generation, solar system, golf cars, power plant, and UPS systerms etc.