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Explaining Various Types Of Batteries Used In Motorcycles!!!

The battery of a motorcycle is an electrical energy storage system that uses the reversible chemical interaction between the acid and the lead in the battery to store the electrical energy. Battery acid, also known as the electrolyte of the battery, is a distilled water and sulfuric acid mixture that is added to motorcycle batteries and can act as a type of conductor between the acid of the battery and lead (present in the battery). Just like automotive batteries, various types of batteries are used in motorcycles. This article is the ultimate guide to various types of batteries that can be used in a motorcycle. Read on to know what these are:
  1. Conventional battery:
Conventional batteries are very popular among motorcycle users. The storage time of such batteries is normally longer than other types of motorcycle batteries due to the lack of any electrolyte. Yes, no electrolyte is present in conventional batteries. It will be the acid bottle and the rider can add the electrolyte whenever it is needed. Conventional batteries fall in the category of lead acid flooded batteries. They can be maintained by refilling. Motorcycle owners usually choose conventional batteries because they are less expensive as compared to other types of motorcycle batteries.
  1. GEL motorcycle battery:
GEL motorcycle batteries are adopted with the latest AGM technology. According to various reviews, it is expected that the service of GEL motorcycle batteries can last longer than maintenance-free batteries. They come in various color casts. Which makes them attractive. Robust casting provided great vibration resistance and the battery remained completely sealed in order to prevent leakage and spillage.
  1. Maintenance-free motorcycle batteries:
Maintenance-free motorcycle batteries are the type of batteries that do not contain any type of electrolyte at first. So the storage time of maintenance-free batteries is longer than other types of motorcycle batteries. And once activated, these batteries do not require any type of refilling and stay maintenance-free for their entire life. Therefore, such types of batteries are very convenient for every bike rider. By installing a MF motorcycle battery, you don’t have to deal with spills. There is great resistance against corrosion. There are fewer or no chances of overheating as well as overcharging.

The bottom line:

Various types of motorcycle batteries are available in the market that provides various benefits. Besides a vast number of benefits, there are also a few drawbacks. Before purchasing a battery, you should contact any professional motorcycle battery supplier to get a quote for the best battery according to your requirements and budget.  VELA motorcycle batteries and PERSEUS motorcycle batteries can meet your different demands.