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Gel Battery Support

Gel ( Gelled Electrolyte ) Battery

1. Charging

While the VELA Power gel battery will accept a charge extremely well due to its low internal resistance.

For using the sealed design, over-charging will dry out the electrolyte by driving the oxygen and hydrogen out of the battery, through the safety valves. Capacity is reduced and life is shortened If a battery is continually under-charged,

a power robbing layer of sulfate will buildup on the plates. Battery performance is reduce, life is reduced.

So what is important for gel battery that is: charge at least 2.30V/Cell volts but no more than 2.35V/Cell volts at

68 oF(20 oC). Constant current chargers should never be used on gel battery.

Constant charging voltage: Shown is the constant charging voltage in relation to the ambient temperature. The bandwidth shows a tolerance of ±30mV/Cell. This constant voltage is suitable for continuing charging and cyclic operation. In a parallel standby mode it always keeps battery in a fully charged state; in a cyclic mode, it provide for a rapidly recharging and highly cyclic performance.

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