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1.The origins of International Labor Day began in the United States in 1886, when workers across the country resigned in protest of long hours and demanded an eight-hour day. This early activism later evolved into a fight for more rights and more humane labor practices, focusing on the abolition of child labor, demands for fairer and safer working conditions and more worker rights, and the idea of having a “weekend.” “While Labor Day is now a holiday, it’s often a time of fun when people enjoy the holiday and engage in leisure activities such as traveling home, dining out with friends and visiting domestic attractions. Many businesses also take advantage of the holiday Sell products at a discounted price.

2.International Labor Day (or May Day) is the Labor day of most countries in the world. The festival originated from the worker’s strike in Chicago. In order to commemorate the great worker’s movement, the second international founding conference in 1889 annouced that may 1 of each year was designated as international labor day. Countries around the world generally hold corresponding celebrations. However, not all countries have designed May 1 as labor day, and specific celebration methods and habits of those countries that have celebrated may day are also different. In China, people will honor laborers who have made outstanding contributions, hold various cultural and entertainment activities, and celebrate by going around during the holidays.