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How long do ups batteries last?

1.What is the meaning of UPS battery ? UPS power supply is called uninterruptible power supply, because it can quickly switch to the “inverter” state when the power fails, so the computer in use will not lose important files because of sudden power failure and no time for storage in the future. UPS battery is a system equipment that connects batteries (mostly lead-acid maintenance-free batteries) with the host, and converts DC power into mains power through a module circuit such as the host inverter. UPS continues to supply 220V alternating current to the load through inverter switching,  and the load can maintain normal operation and protect the load software and hardware from damage. 2.What are the types of UPS power batteries? The types of UPS batteries can generally be divided into valve-controlled sealed lead-acid batteries, gel batteries and so on.UPS battery requires that the selected battery must have the characteristics of high current output in a short time. (1), Valve control type sealed lead-acid battery Lead-acid battery is widely used in all kinds of UPS power batteries because of its small size, good sealing performance and little maintenance. (2). Gel battery Gel battery belongs to a new kind of development classification of UPS lead-acid battery. The simplest way is to add cementing agent in sulfuric acid to make the sulfuric acid electroliquid into a colloidal state.Electrohydrocolloidal cells are often called gel cells. 3.How long is the service life of the UPS battery? Taking into account factors such as load conditions, use environment, service life and cost, generally UPS battery is recommended to be replaced every 5 years, but in fact depending on the actual situation. The VELA UPS batteries are made with a special lead-calcium alloy and uses a high-strength ABS plastic shell or a flame-retardant ABS plastic shell with special sealing technology to make the battery more durable and the battery’s design service life to reach 12 years. However, the 12-year life span needs to be based on norms and reasonable usage. In order to extend the battery life longer, you must pay attention to it in daily use. \ 4How to extend the service life of UPS battery? (1). Maintain a suitable ambient temperature. The performance parameters of UPS batteries are calibrated under the condition that the normal temperature is 20. The increase of the environmental temperature will lead to the enhancement of the chemical activity inside the battery, thereby generating a large amount of heat energy, which in turn will promote the increase of the ambient temperature, this bad circle will accelerate the shortening of the battery life. (2) Charge and discharge regularly. UPS batteries should generally be fully discharged every 2-3 months. The discharge time can be determined according to the capacity and load of the battery. After a full-load discharge is completed, charge it for more than 8 hours as required. (3). Regularly check the terminal voltage and internal resistance of each unit of UPS battery, and each unit battery should be balanced and charged to restore the internal resistance of the battery and eliminate the terminal voltage imbalance between each unit battery. (4). Re-float, UPS power battery has been shut down for more than 10 days. Before restarting, UPS power should be started without load to use the charging circuit in the machine to re-float the battery for more than 10-12 hours and then run with load. In conclusion, The battery is an important part of the UPS power battery system. Its pros and cons are directly related to the reliability of the entire UPS power system. If the user can use and maintain it correctly, the service life of the UPS power battery can be extended, and vice versa. The service life will be greatly shortened. Generally, the battery of UPS is recommended to be replaced every 5 years, depending on the actual situation.  A special gift for your Christmas holiday  Today is Dec 25th,  a very important and meaningful day. Christmas celebrations have begun all around the globe.This year, despite the pandemic, here are some warm greeting, wishes and messages that you can share with your loved ones for the festive season to celebrate alongside them. Everyone from Vela Power wishes your Christmas  be full of moments of warmth, love, and happiness. we sincerely provide the battery knowledges  and the Christmas card  in this page as the Christmas special gift for you,hope you may enjoy.Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!