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How much battery electricity left needs to be recharged

1.Do you know when to charge the battery?  When you buy a new electric motorcycle or car for the first time, please take some time to fully charge its battery, which can be used for up to 12 hours. Such a long initial charge ensures that current flows through all batteries and helps to adjust the batteries out of the box. How much electricity is left in an electric motorcycle or car when it is best to charge? Some people say that it is charged when there is 1 cell left, some say that it is charged when there are 2 cells left, and some people say that it is best to charge when used. So, which statement is correct?In this essay, we will tell you how to charge correctly. 2.Charging the battery is related to the depth of discharge. Depth of discharge is used to describe the power consumption of the battery. It represents the percentage of battery discharge to the rated capacity of the battery. For example, if the depth of discharge of the battery is 80%, then the remaining power is 20%. Generally speaking, after comprehensively considering various factors, most of the lead-acid batteries currently on the market have a discharge depth of about 80%. In other words, charging is best when the battery is 20% remaining. If conditions permit, you can also charge at 60% depth of discharge, that is, when the battery is 40% remaining. 3.Please note the depth of discharge must not be too deep.  It should be noted that the depth of discharge is not too deep. It is more dangerous if you wait until the depth of discharge is 100%, that is, when the battery is completely discharged. Because we cannot guarantee that the battery will be charged as soon as it is dead, sometimes we forget that “deep discharge and no charge”, also known as “depleted storage”, will damage the battery and seriously shorten the life of the battery. Because the battery electrolyte is in a very dilute state when stored under power shortage. At this time, the electrolyte will be hydrolyzed, which will cause serious corrosion of the positive plate of the battery, and finally may cause the grid of the battery to break. Therefore, we do not recommend to wait for the battery to run out before charging. 4.Correct habits to charge makes the battery life longer. All in all, the depth of discharge of the battery is 80%-60%, that is, charging is the most suitable when the battery is 20%-40%. The correct charging habits can effectively extend the life of the battery and ensure that the cycle life of the battery can reach to more than 500 times. Last but not least, please don’t leave your motorcycle battery or car battery on the charger for a long time-a few days or longer. When you do this, you may encounter a situation where the battery will discharge and 95% of the charge may remain. Then, the charger starts to work to recharge the battery. This cycle of tiny discharge and replenishment phenomena continues to produce a series of bad charging cycles.