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CFP2800 Top Quality 2V 800Ah UPS Battery for UPS System


Place of Origin:China
Model Number:CFP2800
Minimum Order Quantity:100 PCS
Packing Details:cartons& pallets or depend on customers
Delivery time:about 30-35 dyas
Payment terms:L/c, T/T
Supply Ability:1000000 per month
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2V AGM battery 800Ah battery lead acid battery

  • Model:CFP2800
  • Voltage:2V
  • Capacity:800Ah
  • Internal Resistance:0.35mΩ
  • Terminal:T10
  • Position:I
  • Weight:48.5kg
  • Designed floating service life:20 year
  • Type:AGM
  • Dimension:410*175*330*365 mm

AGM battery, UPS battery, Sealed lead acid battery, SLA battery, Backup battery, SMF battery, Storage battery, 2v battery VRLA battery



VELA CFP series AGM battery whose capacity is between 50Ah to 3000Ah and including 2V battery. CFP series batteries are widely used. It can be used as UPS battery.

Battery data


Discharge Characteristics(25)


Charging Characteristics(25)

Effect of Temperature on Capacity


Self-discharge Characteristics




The Relationship for Open Circuit Voltage and Residual Capacity (25℃)

The Relationship for Charging Voltage and Temperature


Floating Life on Temperature


Cycle Life on D.O.D(25)







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