VELA Motorbike Battery, Vehicle Battery & Industrial Battery

FP1220M 12V 2Ah OEM brand UPS Battery


Place of Origin:China
Model Number:FP1220M
Minimum Order Quantity:100 PCS
Packing Details:cartons& pallets or depend on customers
Delivery time:about 30 days
Payment terms:L/c, T/T
Supply Ability:1000000 per month



12V 2Ah UPS Battery Sealed lead acid battery

  • Model:FP1220M
  • Voltage:12V
  • Capacity:2Ah
  • Internal Resistance:70mΩ
  • Terminal:Tab
  • Position:L
  • Weight:0.67kg
  • Designed floating service life:10 year
  • Type:AGM
  • Dimension:150*20*90*90mm

AGM battery, UPS battery, Sealed lead acid battery, SLA battery, Backup battery, SMF battery, Storage battery, 12v battery VRLA battery

VELA FP series AGM battery whose capacity is less than and equal to 28Ah and including 2V battery, 4V battery, 6V battery, 12V battery, 18V battery, 24V battery and 36V battery. FP series batteries are widely used. It can be used as UPS battery, medical battery, scooter battery, wheelchair battery, jump starter battery, car audio battery, garage door opener battery, security alarm battery, Emergency lighting battery, toy car battery, toy motorcycle battery and so on.
Battery data


Charging Characteristics(25)


Discharge Characteristics(25)

Effect of Temperature on Capacity


Self-discharge Characteristics




The Relationship for Open Circuit Voltage and Residual Capacity (25℃)

The Relationship for Charging Voltage and Temperature


Floating Life on Temperature


Cycle Life on D.O.D(25)


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