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Punching net technology VS traditional casting technology

1.What technologies do we use to make battery plates? At present, when manufacturing battery plates, there are usually two ways, one is to use a casting machine for casting, and the other is to use a punch to punch the lead plate.casting technology is mostly used in many factories to make battery plates compared to punching technology. Next, I will share more details of these 2 kinds of technologies. 2.What is traditional casting technology to make battery plates ? Since lead acid battery was founded, Battery grid casting mould,With its low cost and convenience, it is widely used in various fields. At present, the battery is still one of the world’s largest output and most versatile power sources. But it has some defects during manufacturing.When casting, only one plate can be cast, and the lead liquid needs to enter the mold and cool and form before starting the next plate feeding. The work efficiency is low and the equipment is not being used and wasting a lot of  time. Therefore, it is particularly important to solve the problem of low work efficiency during the casting of the plate and the waste of time waiting for the plate to cool in the mold. 3.What is punching net technology to make battery plates? Punching net technology relates to a manufacturing process and equipment of a wire mesh or a grid lead strip with the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, and belongs to the technical field of storage batteries. Punching net technology melts the electrolytic lead and adds alloying elements, and transport it to the lead strip continuous casting machine to cast it into crude alloy lead strip, and then uses the crude alloy lead strip as the raw material to be directly cold rolled by the lead strip continuous rolling machine Refined lead tape for pulling or punching the net, the specific operation steps are as follows (1). Melt the electrolytic lead, melt the electrolytic lead, add alloy elements and stir evenly; (2). Lead liquid transportation: transport the melted and alloyed lead liquid to the lead liquid supply system of the continuous casting machine; (3).Continuous casting to form a rough alloy lead strip. The lead liquid supply system of the continuous strip casting machine injects the lead liquid into the casting mold cavity. After cooling by the cooling system, a rough solid alloy lead strip is formed, and the lead strip passes through the continuous strip casting machine The traction mechanism pulls out the lead strip and stores it in coils. After passing the inspection, it enters the continuous rolling process of the lead strip; (4). Continuous rolling to form a refined alloy lead strip. The rough alloy lead strip is continuously rolled by the rollers of the continuous rolling mill to make it have a compact structure, high strength, and good flexibility, which can meet the production of mesh or stamping grids. The required refined lead tape; (5) Coil storage, roll the refined lead tape and use it as raw material for lead-acid battery grid drawing or stamping process 4. Comparison between punching net technology and traditional casting technology.  Below is the chart state the characteristic of these 2 technology. Compared to casting technology ,punching technology can solved the followed problems when manufacturing the battery plates. (1)The secondary melting of lead alloy ingots will cause high temperature burning loss of the alloy material, which will affect the composition and performance of the lead alloy. (2)The secondary lead melting process will produce lead oxidation loss and cause wasting of material . (3)During the lead melting process It will produce a lot of lead smog pollution, endanger the health of workers, and the discharge of lead smoke will cause serious environmental pollution. (4)Secondary lead melting brings about repeated consumption of energy. (5)The production low efficiency of lead alloy ingot casting process in lead alloy smelting plants . 5. Why do we adopt punching net technology in manufacturing ? VELA Power factory,as a professional motorcycle and car battery manufacturer, we can provide equipment for manufacturing battery drawn or punched grid lead strips that can reduce lead smoke and other pollutant emissions, reduce energy consumption and material loss, and improve production efficiency and product quality. By the use of punching net technology,we have made many MF type motorcycle batteries so far.