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Visit the scene of the Canton Fair

On the third day of the Canton Fair, the new energy booth became the focus of many exhibitors. The various battery products we displayed attracted the attention of exhibitors from all over the world, who showed strong interest in our products.
At the exhibition, I witnessed with my own eyes that customers from different countries and regions came to visit our booth in an endless stream. They have shown great interest in our battery products and actively communicated with us about the possibility of cooperation. Especially for batteries for motorcycles, automobiles and industrial applications, we have received many inquiries and intentions for negotiation, which shows the strong market demand for new energy products.
The exhibition site was very lively and the atmosphere was very active. There were active exchanges and interactions among the exhibitors, and various business negotiations came one after another, demonstrating the unique charm of the Canton Fair as a global trade event. I was also fortunate to have in-depth exchanges with many people in the industry, from which I gained valuable experience and insights.
Overall, the third day of the Canton Fair was a very successful day for us. The products we displayed received widespread attention, and we established deep connections with customers from various countries, further expanding our market influence. I am confident in the future development of our products and look forward to achieving more brilliant achievements in the next cooperation.