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Why Do We All Need a Car Battery Charger?

 1.Car battery charger is important for car battery. The battery is obviously a very important part of your car. Without it, your car can’t start, and you can’t go anywhere. However, not many people consider battery health issues when making regular vehicle maintenance.Car battery chargers are not just something you need in an emergency. Using it can actually extend your battery life and correct the damage caused by overcharging or deep discharge. In the end this saves money and troubles.Still not sure you need a car battery charger? Read on and you may change your mind at the end of the article.  2.What is a car battery charger? The car battery charger uses current to restore energy to the car battery. They plug into a wall socket, absorb AC current and convert it to 12 volt DC stored in the battery.Unlike jumper cables or jumper starters, car battery chargers provide relatively low voltage charging for batteries. This is healthier for the battery and safer for the user. Charging the battery at an excessively high rate will increase the evolution of hydrogen, which can cause the battery to burst in extreme cases. Most car battery chargers use 2 amps for charging. This means that if the battery is completely empty, they will take a while, and it may take 24 hours to fully charge. Although this may be annoying in the short term, it is the best way to extend battery life.  3.Simple steps to choose the battery charger that suits your needs.  Step 1: Choose the charger according to the battery type Whether your battery is maintenance-free, wet battery (submerged), AGM (absorbent glass mat), gel battery or VRLA (valve regulated lead acid), one charger should be suitable for all types except gel batteries. However, some of our gel battery chargers will work well with other types of batteries.  Step 2: Determine the battery size We do not mean physical size, but how many ampere hours your battery has stored. For example, a typical full-size car battery is about 50 ampere hours, so you would choose a 10 ampere charger. If the battery is completely empty, charging will take about 6 hours. Another example is a marine deep-cycle battery with a rated current of 100 ampere hours. A 10 amp charger takes 11 hours to charge a dead battery to nearly 100% capacity. To calculate the total charging time of a battery, a good rule of thumb is to divide the ampere-hour rating of the battery by the charger rating (amperes), and then add approximately 10% of the extra time to fully charge the battery.  Step 3: Choose a battery charger based on the desired result. A classic motorcycle, or some people charge their motorcycle during the offseason. In these cases, a simple low current charger will work well. Others need a fast and powerful charger to quickly restore the tow motor battery or wheelchair battery pack. Other types of chargers and why you might need them: A.Multi-voltage input charger used when visiting abroad B.Waterproof charger, suitable for use when going out C.A charger that doubles as a power supply for motorhomes D.Multiple chargers can charge multiple batteries at the same time  4.What kind of charger can we produce ? We mainly engaged in producing battery but we also produce the battery charger. We produce the portable battery charger LC-40AC,it can test for 12V or 24V, applied for car battery.This battery charger adopts toroidal transformer, uses reasonable circuit, has over-current protection, high charging efficiency, and is made of high-quality iron plate stamping. It adopts high-quality instrument which is easy to identify and is not easy to misjudge, and is easy to carry.This product is cost-effective and is exported to all over the world. It can be designed and manufactured according to different power supply voltages of different countries. It can charge lead-acid batteries.