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Daily maintenance of UPS battery

1.The importance to maintain the UPS battery. 

UPS is widely used in a maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery. Its price is more expensive, accounting for about 1/3-1/2 of the total cost of UPS. Actual maintenance also shows that more than 50% of UPS power failures are related to their batteries. When a large number of UPS out of work, the first thing to throw away is the expensive battery. Thousands of backup power supply systems have been built. Due to the uncertainty of the battery status, the system is paralyzed and important data is lost. The consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, necessary maintenance of the UPS battery pack is the key to prolonging the service life of the UPS.

2.The points need to be noted when maintaining the UPS battery. 

The following points need to be noted:

2(1).Before starting

Before turning on the machine, firstly confirm whether the polarity of the input mains connection is correct to ensure personal safety. Note that the total power of the load cannot be greater than the rated power of the UPS. The UPS should be prevented from working in an overload state to ensure that the UPS can work normally.

2(2).After shutting down

After the utility power is interrupted, after the UPS is powered by the battery pack and automatically shuts down, do not use the UPS battery pack to power on to avoid battery damage due to excessive discharge. When the utility power is abnormal and the UPS battery pack is used for power supply, the load should be turned off and shut down in time, and the utility power should be turned on again after the utility power returns to normal.

2(3).Working environment

Similar to the working environment of a computer, UPS does not have a high requirement for ambient temperature, and it usually works normally at 0°C to 40°C. But the dustproof problem also plagues the UPS. The operating environment of the UPS requires a clean, less dusty, and dry environment. A dusty and humid environment will cause the UPS to work abnormally. The UPS battery pack has higher temperature requirements. The standard operating temperature is 25°C, and it is best not to exceed the range of 15°C to 30°C in normal times. Too low temperature will not only reduce the capacity of the battery pack but also further affect the service life of the UPS. In addition, the antimagnetic ability of UPS is not very good. Therefore, strong magnetic objects should not be placed on the UPS, otherwise, it will cause the UPS to work abnormally or damage the machine.

2(4).Battery maintenance

UPS battery packs will have self-discharge. If they are left unused for a long time, the battery packs will be damaged. Therefore, it needs to be charged and discharged regularly. If you are using a maintenance-free absorption electrolyte system battery, it will not generate any gas during normal use, but if the user uses improperly and causes the battery pack to overcharge, it will generate gas and increase the internal pressure of the battery pack. In severe cases, the battery will swell, deform, leak or even rupture. If this phenomenon is discovered, the user should replace the battery pack immediately.

2(5).Charging voltage

In the UPS charging process, if the charging voltage is too high, it will cause overcharging of the battery pack, and vice versa, it will cause the battery pack to undercharge. When the charging voltage is abnormal, it may cause errors in the battery configuration data. Therefore, when installing the battery pack, you must pay attention to the correctness of the battery specifications and quantity. Different specifications and different brands of batteries should be avoided as much as possible, and it is best not to use low-cost and inferior products for external chargers.

2(6).Charging current

Similar to the voltage requirements of UPS, excessive current should be avoided when charging and discharging the UPS battery pack. Although sometimes the UPS battery pack can accept a certain level of high current, it should be avoided in actual operation. Otherwise, the battery plate will be deformed and the internal resistance of the battery will increase. In severe cases, the battery capacity will be severely reduced. As a result, the battery life is great.