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VELA dry car battery VS other dry batteries

1.What does dry battery mean? The dry battery is the most common type of battery on the market. they’re made up of a fiberglass mat that contains electrolytes. The electrolytes cause a chemical reaction that produces electricity. Absorbed glass mat (AGM) car batteries are referred to as dry cell batteries because fluid cannot escape. 2.How to choose a good dry battery? Many people buy dry batteries, they only pay attention to the price or the outlook, they don’t know the structure of the battery, even if they know, they don’t know the technology being used in the battery. In this essay, we will tell you how to choose the good quality dry battery. We will make comparison of our brand VELA with other factories in the following parts: the purity of the lead, the material of the composite separator, the assembly methods of the dry battery, and the ingredient of the acid. 2.1 The comparison of purity of the lead VELA battery uses 1# refined lead, 1# refined lead has higher purity, less harmful substances in the alloy, less battery self-discharge, tensile strength, ductility, hardness, and grain strengthening effect are significantly better than 2# lead, It has a lower thermal expansion coefficient than 2# lead, so the grid is not easy to deform during the cycle of charging and discharging. The corrosion resistance of the grid is better than 2 #Lead is good, battery life is longer. While most manufacturers use 2# lead alloy, 2# lead alloy has more impurities than 1# lead alloy, battery self-discharge is larger, battery storage time is shorter, it is easy to cause plate vulcanization and battery life ends. 2.2 The comparison of the material of the composite separator VELA battery uses a glass fiber composite separator. The glass fiber composite partition is close to the pole plate, wear-resistant, anti-vibration, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, stable performance and long service life. The mesh glass fiber layer of the glass fiber composite partition has the function of fixing active materials and avoids active materials. Vibration falls off and prolongs the battery life. While most manufacturers use PP separators. The PP separator has a large pore size, which is very easy to cause the battery to penetrate and short-circuit. In the later stage, lead dendrites penetrate through the pore and short-circuit, the PP separator shrinks at high temperature, and the battery is not resistant to high temperatures. 2.3 The comparison of the assembly methods VELA car battery has strengthened assembly on the side partition. The tight assembly of the edged separator ensures that the active material of the electrode plate and the separator are in close contact, and the active material of charging and discharging is not easy to fall off during use. The cluster group is whole when tightly assembled, and the positive and negative plates are not easy to deform and break the tabs. Vibration resistant and long service life. The tight assembly has shorter channels for acid diffusion during discharge and better low-temperature start up. While most manufacturers did not strengthen the assembly of edge plates. During the process of usage, the active material of the electrode plate is easy to fall off when the battery is charged and discharged, causing a short circuit at the lower part of the electrode plate, greatly shortening the battery life, the electrode plate is easily deformed, the electrode plate is bent or broken during vibration, and finally, the battery is scrapped. 2.4 The comparison of ingredient of the acid The (superior grade) acid used by VELA has low impurity content, low self-discharge, and long battery life. While most manufacturers have a high content of impurities, especially the iron sulfate in the battery will react with the lead in the negative plate to form ferrous sulfate, and the ferrous sulfate produced by the negative reaction will react with the lead dioxide of the positive electrode to form sulfuric acid Iron, It is cycled until the plate completely loses active material, the battery life ends.
Item Data
Superior pure
H2SO4 (%≥) 95.0-98.0
Burning residue(%≤) 0.0005
CL(%≤) 0.00002
NO3 (%≤) 0.00002
NH3(%≤) 0.0001
Fe (%≤) 0.00002
Cu(%≤) 0.00001
As(%≤) 0.000001
Pb(%≤) 0.00001
Potassium permanganate reducing substance(%≤) 0.0002
3.Summary.  Vela dry battery has advantages of the purity of the lead, the material of composite separator, the assembly methods of the dry battery, and ingredient of the acid. Always make sure you’re choosing the good battery for your purposes and vehicle. When you need help how to judge the battery has good composition or not, please contact us for unsure.